Our service specializes in the repair of electronics for controllers and drives of high-speed gates.

We are the European leader in this area.

We perform repairs for service companies, gate manufacturers’ service departments, and maintenance divisions of various end clients such as industrial companies and discount store chains.

Our company’s websites:

bramy-serwis.pl | the main company website presenting the full range of activities

szybkarolka.pl | sale of refurbished high-speed gates with a 2-year warranty

naprawa-sterownikow.com.pl | a subpage dedicated to the regeneration of high-speed gate drives

mapa serwisów współpracujących

Hundreds of companies from all over the world use our services.
The above map (as of December 2023) presents only the locations of cooperating service companies.


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Westhof Bio Samsung Amica Saturn Qantos Lanzi Nastrificio

What devices do we repair?

We specialize in repairing controllers and drives for high-speed gates from all manufacturers on the market. We also repair controllers for industrial sectional and roller doors, as well as loading ramps.

We have the most experience with the following devices:

device type
controller model
appear in the gates
Hörmann / Seuster / Labex
high-speed gates
BK 150 FUE H BK 150 FUE-1, AK 500 FUE-1 FEIG TST FUS, FUE-2, FU3E, FUZ2, FUF2, FU3F
V 2012, V 2515, V 3009, V 3015, V 4008, V 4015, V 5015 SEL, V 5030, V 6030 SEL, V 6020 TRL, V 10008 Iso Speed Cold HS5012, HS 5015, HS 6015, HS 7030
Hörmann / Seuster / Labex
sectional and roller doors
A445, B445, A460, B460 435R, 445R, 460R WA400FU + B460FU WA500FU + 545
SPU 40, APU 40, ALR 40 SPU F42, APU 67, APU F42, APU 67, ALR F42, ALR 67
Hörmann / Seuster / Labex
loading ramps
420S, 420T, 460T
Efaflex / Rytec
high-speed gates
ASSA ABLOY / Albany / Crawford / Aktor
high-speed gates
HS8010, HS8020, HS9010, HS9110, HS9020, HS9120, HS9030, HS7040 RR300, RR392, RR3000, RR5000
ASSA ABLOY / Dynaco Entermatic / Nassau
high-speed gates
FEIG TST FUE 2 Dynalogic, TST FU3E Dynalogic
D-311, D-313, D-501, D-631, D-641, D-651, M2, M3
high-speed gates
DYNAMICROLL standard, b-drive, food, air, frigo2, clean room, one, wash
ITW Industrietore
high-speed gates
Minirapid, Transrapid, Transspeed, Transsprint
high-speed gates
GfA / Wiśniowski
high-speed gates, sectional doors
TS970, TS971, TS981
FEIG Electronic
high-speed gates
Krispol / MFZ / Marantec
high-speed gates
CS320 FU-E
Krispol / MFZ / Marantec
sectional doors
CS300, CS310, CS320, MFZ Ovitor

Sample labels found on the electronic boards we repair:

FE 454/4, FE 490/2
FE 537 / 3.1, FE 542/2, FE 542/4, FE 542/4.1 FE 542/6, FE 542/6, FE 542/7, FE 543/2, FE 563/2, FE 579/1
FE 604/1, FE 604/2, FE 605/2, FE 605/3, FE 635/4.1, FE 642/2
FE 804/4, FE 834/4, FE 834/4.1, FE 858/2.2

We also undertake repairs of other types of devices* [not listed in the table]. We have experience in repairing old models of controllers and continuously develop our skills and technical facilities to include the latest types of controllers entering the market.

* We repair exclusively industrial devices – we do not perform diagnostics / repairs of devices for Individual Clients (such as garage / entrance gate drives and controllers).

Every controller we repair is tested on a compatible drive, ensuring its faultless operation upon return to your company.

The repair does not cause the loss of parameters or programmed end positions. You do not need to worry about struggling with the startup after the regeneration. You will receive from us remote support for the device startup and diagnosis of accompanying issues – we will help your company diagnose whether any of the components is faulty (such as the drive, encoder, optical sensors, photocells, collision switches, coiled cable, light curtains, etc.).

During the repair of controllers, we also diagnose the cause of the controller’s damage – if the controller was damaged due to reasons other than normal operation (the aging process of electronic components), we will inform you what needs to be done to avoid another failure. This allows you to eliminate the problem at its root, significantly increasing the gate’s period of faultless operation.

What defects do we fix?

sterowniki do bram szybkobieżnych

The most common, exemplary faults in controllers from the FEIG family:

F030 – the controller does not detect gate movement despite current flowing to the drive

F752 – a problem with communication between the controller and the rotation counter in the drive, the gate can only operate in sentinel mode

F519 – an issue with analyzing the current flowing to the drive or with the built-in frequency converter completely preventing the gate drive from moving

F519 / tripping the protection in the electrical distribution board – damage to the built-in frequency converter completely preventing the gate drive from moving | problem caused by severe wear / depletion of the drive – complete regeneration [controller + drive] required

E/F201, E/F211, E/F212 – a problem with the emergency stop circuits preventing the gate from moving

F915, F921, F910 – an internal electronics error of the controller preventing the gate from moving

controller display is dark – a problem with the internal power supply of the controller

controller display is flashing, a red light above the display is on – a short circuit in one of the circuits preventing the controller from starting

Other common problems with products from the FEIG family resulting from issues beyond the controller electronics itself:

F700 – gate not programmed, issue with reading values from the encoder in the drive | verification/replacement of the incremental encoder signal harness recommended

F127, F128 – communication problem between the gate controller and light curtains | installation of noise-suppressing chokes on the light curtain wires inside the controller recommended

sterowniki do bram gfa

The most common, exemplary faults in controllers from the GfA family:

1.2, 1.3 – a problem with the safety chain circuit preventing the gate from moving

3.7 – internal data inconsistency / problems with information transmission

3.8 – the controller heats up to too high a temperature

5.6 – the controller does not detect gate movement despite current flowing to the drive

6.7, 6.9 – damage to the frequency converter at the drive

controller display is dark – a problem with the internal power supply of the controller

Other common problems with products from the GfA family resulting from issues beyond the controller electronics itself:

3.1, 3.2, 8.1 – improper gate position reading | verification of the DES encoder’s functionality in the drive recommended





3 - 5


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to disassemble the gate controller? The whole unit or just the electronics?

What is the effectiveness of repairs?

Controllers that can be repaired are restored to 100% functionality. The electronics are regenerated in such a way as to restore the technical functionality and lifespan of a new device.

Devices after regeneration are cyclically tested, all functions are checked to ensure that the gate will work flawlessly for a long time after the repair.

A very important factor affecting the possibility of repair is whether someone without sufficient knowledge and experience attempted to repair it independently. In such cases, the chance of repair is significantly reduced due to inadvertently causing additional damage that cannot be rectified.

How many of the controllers sent to BRAMY-SERWIS are repaired? We estimate that 29 out of 30 devices undergo repair. One out of 30 units unfortunately falls into the category of devices that have been previously tampered with or are from the cheapest gate manufacturers (cheap, Chinese electronics).

Do you provide a warranty for repaired devices?

Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on the repair. This is exactly the same duration as most manufacturers provide for new devices. How is this possible? Because we have been specializing in these repairs for many years and make every effort to comprehensively renew the electronics, restoring their factory lifespan.

We recommend having the controller installed and commissioned by a gate service provider that we cooperate with. However, it is not a mandatory condition to maintain the warranty. It is possible to dismantle and later reinstall the controller by maintenance personnel at your facility. You can count on our remote support during the connection and commissioning of the gate.

During the repair, we verify the cause of the controller’s damage and provide specific recommendations to prevent further damage. This guarantees the correct functioning of the device. If the recommendations are not followed, it will be evident in the device, so it’s important to heed our advice to maintain the warranty.

How much does controller repair cost?

Please send your inquiry to: support@bramy-serwis.pl

The minimum information we need for an estimate includes: a photo or model of the damaged controller, and a description of the malfunction – how it manifests during the gate operation. Error codes displayed during operation are also helpful.

You will receive an offer from us no later than the next business day after sending the message.

Gate service providers are registered in our system as cooperating services, and based on this, we provide a dedicated price list for services and offer partnership discounts to maintain the retail prices of services as suggested by us.

If repair of the device is not possible, we only charge for the return shipping of the damaged device.

I have accepted the repair cost, what’s next?

Safely pack the entire, complete controller (including the rear housing and front cover).

Include the received offer or a brief letter – a repair order with your company details, contact person’s information (name, surname, email address, and phone number), and a short description of what is happening with the device.

Send the package to:

Popowo 57
64-510 Wronki

You can use any courier company of your choice – you send the device independently, at your own expense, with your favorite courier company. Remember to pack the shipment securely. Damages during shipping regularly occur, and this is usually due to inadequate packaging in 90% of cases.

As soon as we receive the controller, you will be notified. We will keep you informed about the progress of diagnostics/repair through our proprietary service system. After the repair and testing are completed, you will receive a pro forma invoice from us for payment. Upon receipt of payment or upon receiving a bank confirmation of payment, we will dispatch the courier shipment.

How long does the repair take? When will I receive the controller back?

The estimated repair time – from the moment we receive the package until we send the invoice for the repair – is a few business days. This depends on the number of devices reaching our company. However, we make every effort to expand our technical infrastructure and our team as the number of service orders increases.

Upon receiving confirmation of the transfer or upon receipt of payment, we arrange for a courier to collect the repaired device.

Do you have drivers for sale?

Yes, please visit our dedicated page: https://szybkarolka.pl/katalog-sterownikow/

If after reading the above description you have additional questions,
please contact us:
+48 733 752 915


11-2023 | We have been awarded the national Best Circular Economy Solutions (GOZ) competition for our service “Regeneration of industrial gate controller electronics”.

PARP rozdanie nagród w konkursie

More information on the website Polskiej Agencji Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

03-2023 | After 16 years of operation, we are officially moving to a new company headquarters. The investment was co-financed by the Norwegian Funds as part of the “Environmentally Friendly Technologies” initiative.

siedziba firmy BRAMY-SERWIS

The progress report of this investment is available on the dedicated page: www.ng.bramy-serwis.pl

Dariusz przecina wstęgę

09-2021 | After 14 years of operation, we have started the construction of our new company headquarters. The investment is co-financed by the Norwegian Funds as part of the “Environmentally Friendly Technologies” initiative. The competition jury appreciated the ecological aspects of the services we provide, supporting us in the development of environmentally friendly regeneration of high-speed gate electronics.

Fundamenty nowej siedziby BRAMY-SERWIS

The information is available on the website: Polskiej Agencji Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

03-2021 | We obtained the CP certificate. We completed the project “Faulty high-speed gate controllers returned to closed-loop circulation”. As part of the project, we implemented a solution of our own drive test bench for environmentally testing repaired gate controllers under load.

świadectwo czystszej produkcji BRAMY-SERWIS

The information is available on the website: Czystszej Produkcji

03-2020 | We conducted a research project titled “Analysis of the environmental footprint associated with the introduction of a new process for servicing faulty high-speed gate controllers, based on the Environmental Key Performance Indicators (EKPI) method.”

skrócone wyniki badań środowiskowych napraw sterowników
Service developed under the scheme
Environmentally friendly technologies